“My Favorite Thing” won 1st place in the Professionally Judged Three-dimensional category and 4th place overall at Art & Soul of the Magic Valley in April, 2017.

The judges commented:

“We were impressed by a number of aspects of this sculpture– the very large, over life-size dog has a powerful initial impact.  There is a high level of craftsmanship and technical skill shown in assembling such a large sculpture out of thin pieces of twisted wire.  The wire is used on the surface in a very flowing, rhythmic way, echoing the surface forms on the dog.  The gesture shows a lot of movement with the raised leg, flopping ears and open mouth.  The anatomy of the animal has been closely rendered, and there is a feeling of strong empathy for the dog and its playful mood.  In all, we found this to be a highly creative and unique sculpture.”  ~From John Taye, May 6, 2017.

My Favorite Thing_Award Ceremony_Twin Falls


“My Favorite Thing” also took 1st place in the Metal Sculpture- original use category, Superintendent’s Choice award, and the People’s Choice- 1st Friday award at the Western Idaho Fair in Boise, Idaho in August, 2017.