travis emmen working

About Travis Emmen

I grew up in a home that was filled with creativity. My mom could do almost anything including painting, drawing, craft making, wood working, you name it. My dad worked with carvings and string designs, always taking on projects just to learn how it’s done. I grew up taking art and craft classes all through school.  In fact, my very first class involved a live nude model when I was about six, at a class my mom took at B.S.U. I still remember the instructor telling me I forgot her breasts. I was confused and he drew them in for me. To say the least, I have learned and played with many different styles. All have been fun, but none have kept my attention like Blacksmithing and metal work. Before pursuing my art, I was a fabricator for the semiconductor market for 22 years, where keeping super high tolerances and great detail were a way of life. This skill has definitely helped in my pursuit of making high quality metal work of my own. My craft allows me to have the joy in art that moves me and for those that my art touches.

What inspires me:

I am inspired by things that make me move and feel, both physically and emotionally. I need to see it in a way that I can’t explain in words, which motivates me to create my art, and I enjoy things that challenge and make me grow as a Blacksmith. I am at awe as to the many ways one can manipulate metal, so I think I will forever be learning.

My faith and my children play a huge part in inspiring me, there are no greater reasons than those for me to try to accomplish anything.